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Windows of Nice (November 2013)

The natural beauty of Nice, France – the sun, beaches, and blue seas – made it a prime destination for the English upper class in the middle of the 18th century seeking relaxation.  More recently it became a center of inspiration for outstanding painters like Chagall, Matisse, and Arman.  Today, it attracts millions of tourists every year from all over the world.

The eclectic windows of Nice are a hidden treasure.  Reflecting numerous styles throughout the ages, in old and new buildings, the windows demonstrate Nice’s unique fusion of past and present.  The images in this book give a glimpse of what there is to be discovered.  All pictures were taken in October 2013.


Windows III (December 2011)

Although windows exist to let external light illuminate the interior of a building, and to allow its occupant to maintain some contact with the outdoors, they are an architectural expression and the most important ornament of any building’s exterior. Almost anywhere in the world, windows are part of the national and local artistic expression. This book captures some of that expression. The pictures were taken in Seattle (USA); Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Ceasarea (Israel); and Roumirou, Sain-Felix-Luragais, Soreze, Toulouse and Carcassonne (France). Some of the individual images can be find here.


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  1. Nice pictures of Nice! I reposted them on my Facebook page.

  2. Alex, I was delighted to see a new collection of “Windows,” in your “Windows of Nice” book. As you know, I follow your photography and have a special predilection for Windows that started decades ago.

    Windows, gates, and doors are symbolic for me and I especially enjoy the way in which you capture these in your photography in a manner that touches both my heart and mind.

    Your use of light and reflection transform something in some cases that may have otherwise been considered ordinary into a rich experience. Ranging from the fine details to the big picture, each photo for me, is morphed into vignettes.

    Additionally, the way in which you have captured the architecture throughout Nice’s history is special. It not only depicts time, but socio-economic differences. This leaves much to the imagination; again, helping to enrich these “small essays” that your photography invokes.

    As always, thank you for sharing your gift by enabling me to see thru your keen eye.

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