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Reflections in Architecture (September 2013)

Although an architect might not have intended it during design, the reflection of a structure on its neighbor is often an unplanned and enlightening outcome, just as human societies necessarily reflect upon each other.
One powerful example, on page 3of this book, is the image of a row of classical houses reflected on the Centre G. Pompidou in Paris, and the Centre then reflected on a building beside it.

Reflections in Architecture

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Hardcover 8″ x 11″


Reflections (August 2012)

Perception is everything. The reflection of any object by water, glass, or other medium will always create distortions. How we perceive those distortions is up to us.

The pictures in this book were taken in Toulouse (France); New York, Chicago, San Antonio TX, Rochester MN (USA); Vancouver, Summerland BC (Canada); Trujillo, Madrid (Spain); and Jerusalem, Herzlyia (Israel).


Reflections Blurb

Note: available as e-book only.

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