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Beauty is everywhere; in nature, in human endeavors, in life itself and in the interactions of these. My images capture some of it.


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Roumirou Nov 2011 (26)


The tabs on the left will open galleries of images from places around the world.  The windows and doors one will show you windows from around the world, some modern, some very old, all of them bringing light into their respective rooms.  The reflections tab includes images that reflect in various surfaces, mainly water or glass.  The Artistic touch images blur reality with some artistic component to create different reactions from the viewer.

I invite you to spend a few minutes enjoying wonderful music with worldwide images of the sea. (Note: it will not work on mobile phones).


Paradise usually refers to an utopic place.  Amazingly, we have so many places on earth that come close.  Visit some of them by clicking on the picture bellow:

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Alex Lupu
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